Thursday, 27 April 2017

Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion Movie Live premiere show

baahubali 2 the conclusion review

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion ( Bahubali 2 ) Review and Rating, Story, Live updates, Benfit Show Public Talk, 1st Day Collections

Live premiere show Updates Review:

8:10 pm : It’s show time for baahubali 2 

8:26 pm: Superb introduction scene of Baahubali Hero with Ganapathi Chariot & Elephants has stamp of rajamouli.

08:30 PM: Sahore Baahubali ‘ song visuals are so grand that Baahubali elevates much higher !

08:42 pm: (Anushka) as 
Devasena  entrance – looks Gorgeous

08:45pm: ‘Kuntala Kingdom’ visuals are good work .

08:53PM: Subbaraju, as ‘ Kumara Varma ‘, with some comedy
09:05Pm: second song time “Kanna Nidurinchara”. Devasena praises Srikrishna, a super pleasant song

09:15 PM: Story developed around Devasena is so engaging and exciting.

09:25 PM: “Kuntala Kingdom” in threat form Pindaris, Baahubali rescuing them. These episode are very grand in execution but bit lengthy.

09:32 PM: Third song “Hamsa Naava” visuals are out of the world! Visualization and VFX works are never seen before on any Indian cinema

09:45 PM: Interval block is epic !! Goosebumps start with Amarendra #Baahubali2 ani Nenu and ends with interval card! Fantastic first half!
10:00 PM: Fourth song started emotional ” Dandalayya song ” – The lead scene
10:15 PM:After a small story lag, The most waited question why kattappa killed Baahubali ? has been revealed now.
10:30 PM: Shivagami announces ‘ Mahendra Bahubali (shivudu) ‘ as next king and now story connects back to the very first scene of Baahubali-1 !
10:35 PM: Shivudu is going round the Kingdom to know the problems of the people.

10:55 PM: Now the climax between Rana and Prabhas(Shivudu) is done which involves killing of Ballaladeva. Story comes to an end. A very great show of magnum opus.

Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Ramya Krishna, Sathya Raj and Nassar playing the main roles in this epic drama. The film has made the audience to wait for its second part. Director SS Rajamouli and Cinematographer K. K. Senthil Kumar have together worked hard in making the film and presenting every frame beautifully. While the hero Prabhas also did the fabulous job to fit into the skin of the role, that is either Amarendra Bahubali or Shivudu ( Mahendra Baahubali) roles.