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Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion Movie Live premiere show

baahubali 2 the conclusion review

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion ( Bahubali 2 ) Review and Rating, Story, Live updates, Benfit Show Public Talk, 1st Day Collections

Live premiere show Updates Review:

8:10 pm : It’s show time for baahubali 2 

8:26 pm: Superb introduction scene of Baahubali Hero with Ganapathi Chariot & Elephants has stamp of rajamouli.

08:30 PM: Sahore Baahubali ‘ song visuals are so grand that Baahubali elevates much higher !

08:42 pm: (Anushka) as 
Devasena  entrance – looks Gorgeous

08:45pm: ‘Kuntala Kingdom’ visuals are good work .

08:53PM: Subbaraju, as ‘ Kumara Varma ‘, with some comedy
09:05Pm: second song time “Kanna Nidurinchara”. Devasena praises Srikrishna, a super pleasant song

09:15 PM: Story developed around Devasena is so engaging and exciting.

09:25 PM: “Kuntala Kingdom” in threat form Pindaris, Baahubali rescuing them. These episode are very grand in execution but bit lengthy.

09:32 PM: Third song “Hamsa Naava” visuals are out of the world! Visualization and VFX works are never seen before on any Indian cinema

09:45 PM: Interval block is epic !! Goosebumps start with Amarendra #Baahubali2 ani Nenu and ends with interval card! Fantastic first half!
10:00 PM: Fourth song started emotional ” Dandalayya song ” – The lead scene
10:15 PM:After a small story lag, The most waited question why kattappa killed Baahubali ? has been revealed now.
10:30 PM: Shivagami announces ‘ Mahendra Bahubali (shivudu) ‘ as next king and now story connects back to the very first scene of Baahubali-1 !
10:35 PM: Shivudu is going round the Kingdom to know the problems of the people.

10:55 PM: Now the climax between Rana and Prabhas(Shivudu) is done which involves killing of Ballaladeva. Story comes to an end. A very great show of magnum opus.

Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Ramya Krishna, Sathya Raj and Nassar playing the main roles in this epic drama. The film has made the audience to wait for its second part. Director SS Rajamouli and Cinematographer K. K. Senthil Kumar have together worked hard in making the film and presenting every frame beautifully. While the hero Prabhas also did the fabulous job to fit into the skin of the role, that is either Amarendra Bahubali or Shivudu ( Mahendra Baahubali) roles. 

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Donald Trump owned websites list

Domain names list we found on Donald Trump in a website as follows 

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indian budget 2017 highlights-digitalcot

budget 2017 highlights

1. India stands out as a bright spot amid world economic gloom.

2. Our focus will be on energising youth to reap benefits of growth and employment.

3. IMF estimates world GDP will grow by 3.4 per cent in 2017.

4. Oil prices, rising dollar and volatile commodity prices seen as risks to Indian economy.

5. India is seen as engine of global growth, have witnessed historic reform in last one year.

6. Demonetisation is a bold and decisive measure, for many decades tax evasion was a way of life for many.

7. Note ban is expected to have only a transient impact on economy.

8. I am reminded of what our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi said: "A right cause never fails".

9. The pace of remonetisation has picked up.

10. Effects of demonetisation not expected to spill over to next year.

11. Budget preponement to February 1 will give sufficient time to departments to implement government schemes.

12. Our Budget agenda is - transform, energise and clean India - TEC India.

13. Our approach in preparing the Budget is to spend more on rural areas, infrastructure and poverty alleviation with fiscal prudence.

14. Agriculture sector is expected to grow at 4.6%, agriculture expenditure targeted at Rs 10 lakh crore.

15. 36% increase in FDI flow; forex reserves at $361 billion in January, which is enough to cover 12 months needs.

16. Allocation under MNREGA increased to 48,000 crore from Rs 38,500 crore. This is highest ever allocation

17. Total allocation for rural, agricultural and allied sectors for 2017-18 is Rs 187223 crore, which is 24% higher than last year.

18. One crore houses for poor by 2019.

19. Safe drinking water to cover 28,000 arsenic and Fluoride-affected habitations in the next four years.

20. 133-km road per day constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana as against 73-km in 2011-14.

21. For senior citizens, Aadhar cards giving their health condition will be introduced.

22. Two new All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) to be set up in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

23. 3500km railway lines to be put up.

24. Service charge on rail tickets booked through IRCTC to be withdrawn.

25. Rail safety fund with corpus of Rs 100,000 crore will be created over a period of five years.

26. 500 rail stations to be made differently abled-friendly by providing lifts and escalators.

27. A new metro rail policy will be announced, this will open up new jobs for our youth.

28. Foreign investment promotion board (FIPB) to be abolished.

29. Allocation for infrastructure stands at a record Rs 3,96,135 crore.

30. Government to set up strategic crude oil reserves in Odisha and Rajasthan.

31. 1.25 crore people have already adopted Bhim App for digital payments.

32. Aadhaar Pay- an app for merchants- to be launched' 20 lakh aadhaar-based POS by September 2017.

33. Government is considering introduction of new law to confiscate assets of offenders who escape the country.

34. Defence expenditure excluding pension at Rs 2.74 lakh crore.

35. Fiscal deficit for 2017-18 pegged at 3.2 percent of GDP.

36. Fiscal deficit target for next three years pegged at 3 percent.

37. India's tax-to GDP ratio is very low. We are largely a tax non compliance society, when too many people evade taxes burden falls on those who are honest.

38. Out of 3.7 crore who filed tax returns in 2015-16, only 24 lakh persons showed income above Rs 10 lakh.

39. Of 76 lakh individuals who reported income of over Rs 5 lakh, 56 lakh are salaried.

40. Small firms with turnover up to Rs 50 crore to pay 25% tax now, instead of 30%.

41. Black money SIT has suggested no cash transaction above Rs 3 lakh. The government has accepted this recommendation.

42. Maximum cash donation any party can receive will be Rs 2000 from one source.

43. Political parties will be entitled to receive donations by cheques or digital modes.

44. An amendment being proposed to RBI Act to enable the issuance of electoral bonds for political funding.

45. Jaitley reduces income tax rate from 10% to 5% for tax slab of Rs 250,000 to Rs 500,000.

46. Surcharge of 10% for those whose annual income is Rs 50 lakh to 1 crore.

47. 15% surcharge on incomes above Rs 1 crore to continue.


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2017 Essential Digital Marketing Tools

What Are the Essential Digital Marketing Tools to Use in 2017?

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Essential Digital Marketing Tools ! digitalcot

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Shatamanam Bhavati Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Shatamanam Bhavati Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Shatamanam Bhavati Movie Rating: 3.25/5

Sathamanam Bhavathi Story: 

entha manchi story tho manchi cast tho vachina satamanam bhavathi. Sankranth ki baga conect avuthundi ani chepadam lo ee matram sandeham ledu. Sharwanand thana kante story ni value ichi elanti cinema cheyadam manchi parinamam.

Sathamanam Bhavathi Movie Positives: 

  • Experienced Actors.
  • Mickey J Meyer Music.
  • First Half.
  • Direction

Sathamanam Bhavathi Movie Negatives

  • Little Drag in Second Half.
  • Slow Narration.
  • Routine Story.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Balakrishna Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie 1st day collections list

Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie First day Collections – (GPSK) Live Premiere Updates, Public Talk

Film: Gautamiputra Satakarni (2017)
Language: Telugu
Genre: History/Action/Drama
Gautamiputra Satakarni Movie Review

Final Report : Gautamiputra Satakarni First half is Good with fast paced screenplay and well executed war episodes. Dialogues through out are very effective. Second half is pretty average as climax drags more than required length. However , scenes between Balakrishna , Hemamalini , Shirya are good in 2nd half. Dialogues are effective

. Positives :

 1) The motto of Satakarani’s “One Boundary, One sovereignty ” has been established well 
2) Balayya’s superb dialogues
 3) A good first half 4) Scenes elevating Telugu pride


 1) Excessive war episodes ( reflects real history of satakarni who fought a war after another ) 
2) Balayya’s visible age 
3) Few war shots are re-used within same war 

07:12AM:With satakarni claiming Victory, followed by dialogues movie comes to an End. Saho Gautamiputra Satakarni !
 07:10AM:The last war with Demetrius’s Greek Army is lengthy !
 06:51AM:Final war episodes ( shot in Georgia ) against Greeks are going on ! 
06:48AM:Hema Malini , Shriya roles are shaped well with strong characterization
 06:45AM:While Balayya’s forte with his Dialogues helped him don the role of Satakarni with ease, he should have taken more care with his appearance. He looks very aged in scenes where he lets hair down.
 06:42AM:” SaahO Sarvabhouma..” As Montage song while final war( against greeks) preparations 06:29AM:” Mruganayani BhayamelanE..” A melodious song, shot well !
 06:22AM:While fights are shot deftly, a more macho hero would have made those more believable. Balakrishna age clearly shows
. 06:17AM:The scene in which satakarni names himself after his mother as ” Gautamiputra Satakarni ” is highly emotional. Burra Saimadhav written dialogues about ” Amma ” are superb 
Satavahana satakarni prepares for “Rajasooya Yaagam ” , meanwhile Greek emperors get ready to betray Satakarni Also Read:Balayya’s 100th Film : The Real Story of “Gautamiputra Satakarni” Interval ! Motto of Satakarni ::” One Boundary, One sovereignty ” and dialogues around it and super grandeur war episode are highlights of this superb first half. One negative is : People unfamiliar with this history may feel difficult to follow for a while 
05:53AM:Huge war scene shot extremely well given budget Krish is working with. He has shown Nandamuri Balakrishna as Satakarni well so far. 
05:43AM:Satakarni’s War on Naupana Maharaju kingdom is highlight so far and it has been picturised on very grand scale. 
05:38AM:Satakarni gives clarion call ‘Saranama Ranama’ Dialogues on greatness of Telugu people are done well.
 05:28AM:Kannada star sivarajakumar narrated Burra Katha is fine, reveals a point which leads to conflict between Satakarni and his maharani 
05:21AM:Satakarni with maharani ( Shriya ) ” Eki meeda” song shot in country side. Shriya looks Good 05:10AM:First war episode , satakarni occupies kalyanadugram fort came out well. 
05:04AM:Balayya’s entrance with a fight in a fleet of war ships with Hemamalini explaining vitues of Rajadharma. Well shot!! 
04:59AM:Movie opens with satavahan satakarni’s warning letter to opponents – with popular dialogue ” Mitrama .. ”

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Chiranjeevi Khaidi No 150 Movie Review; Khaidi No 150 Rating- Blockbuster is Back  Public Talk & 1st Day Collections

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review: Khaidi no 150 is the comeback film of Megastar Chiranjeevi after 10 years. The film is Releasing On January 11th, 2017 in two Telugu states on the Occasion of Pre Sankranthi. Khaidi no 150 is an official remake of Tamil sensational movie “Kaththi” and Khaidi Premiers, benefits Will Screened on January 10th Midnight in Foreign/ Worldwide @digitalcot

Khaidi No 150 Premiere Show Live Updates Started – Check Below
khaidhi no 150 digitalcot

11:00 PM : Movie was Over with Good Climax along Social Message. Its a pongal festival to all mega fans
10:56 pm: It’s quite a treat to watch ‘Mega Star’ in such a commercial and social message oriented film. However, the movie has its flaws and they are completely overshadowed by Chiranjeevi’s screen presence. Definitely, a treat for fans of Chiranjeevi!
10:51 pm: Court issues order in favor of Village and we have a ‘Happy Ending’.
10:46 pm: Some emotions scene all around. He gets a sign on documents and goes to the MNC. Time for climax heavy duty action scene.

10:40 PM : Tarun Arora Block mails thirf chiranjeevi to bring documents otherwise he will kill innocent chiru. At the situation old age people finds the truth
10: 35 PM : Powerful Dialogue from Chiru about Farmers problems which are presently facing across the state.
10:30 PM : Its time for DSP’s Wonderful song.
10: 25 PM : Innocent chiru surrenders to police and tarun arora kidnaps from police
10:14pm: Chiranjeevi makes a plan with city blueprint. He decides to block the Lake water so that this would become sensation and media would give desired attention.
10:12pm: Chiranjeevi tries to bring this to everyone notice. But Media and public are least bothered about this. They ignore as this has ‘Zero’ news value.
10:10pm: The case comes to the court and Judges say that youngsters in the village demand for factory and they say the verdict will go in favor of MNC if they don’t prove this is all a sham.
10:08 pm: One of the best ever action scenes. Here comes the most awaited COIN FIGHT sequence. This will go down the history for sure!
10:06 PM : Innocent Chiru Escapes from Jail.
10:05 PM : Kajal Aggarwal falls in love with chiru and Proposed him. Song Starts in Unwanted time.
1st Half Reports : Good Movie and Story
10:00 PM : Now its time for Interval.
09:55 PM : Tarun Arora calls and warns him. Chiru says i am Waiting.
09: 45 PM : MNC Guy send gundas to old age home and beaten old people. A power stunt scenes from mega star chiru.
09:35 PM : Chiru looks change with nerd glasses and innocent look. He is a master in Hydrology and finds that the village ground water source is huge.
09:35 PM : Some People tries to Kill “Thief Chiranjeevi” in Old age home. Some intensive action scenes rolling on. Powerful background music from DSP.
09 : 30 PM : At the Lions club event, flashback sequence for the innocent Chiru.
09:25 PM : Police Finds innocent manner in chiru. But, Still they keep calm and kept him in jail only.
09 :20 PM : Now the Movie Shift to Heavy tight Suspense. The Innocent Chiru Wakes up in Jail Hospital and He should be attend at court for submitting reports/ documents.
09:15 PM : Chiru Abroad plans dropped and its time for Romantic Song Sequence. Visuals and Kajal looks Cute.
09:10 PM : Power goes off and some one came from old man family. Chiru gets serious and slaps them in angry mood. After power came he saw that person i.e is kajal. Chiru shocks.
09: 05 PM : One old man Gets heart attack and Every one gets tensed in oldage home. Chiru tries to contact his family and made a call to his family but no one pick the call.
08:55 PM : A collector meets Chiranjeevi on road and says he is ready to pay him a DD for a huge sum. The collector takes him to an Old age home and everyone greets him.
08:45 PM : Chiru makes a plan and he changes with innocent chiranjeevi. So that cops might arrest the inncocent chiru then original thief chiru wil be free.
08:40 PM : Chiru meets kajal in airport and fell in love. Romance seens starts. Chiru meets his look alike and some goons shoot him and he is admitted to the hospital by thief chiru.
08: 30 PM : Chiru escapes from jail and went to his friend Ali’s work place and asked to prepare fake passports to fly out of india.
08: 25 PM : Chiranjeevi Said to police that guess how he would have escapes from jail. In this Between time Chiru Escapes.
08:25PM : Chiranjeevi Escapes From jail many times. Police worries about to catch him. Blueprint scene. Chiranjeevi visualizes the Jail with the blueprint. DSP has done a good job with background score.
08:07 PM : Chiranjeevi entry with Jail Break Sequence. Chiru Left from jail and police chases him.
08:05 PM : Movie Run Time 2hours 27 minutes.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 updated List of HTML and HTML5 tags

HTML tags tell your browser which elements to present and how to present them. Where the element appears is determined by the order in which the tags appear.
HTML tags are helpful in SEO or search engine for archiving website ranking factors and archive the goals of digital marketing organisations.
HTML consists of over 100 tags. Don't let that put you off though - you will probably find that most of the time, you only use a handful of tags on your web pages.

list of html and html5 tags

Digitalcot explains HTML Tags which explains difference between the HTML5 and HTML4 versions of any given tag.

Tag Description New in HTML5?
<!--...--> Specifies a comment
<!DOCTYPE>  Specifies the document type
<a> Specifies a hyperlink
<abbr> Specifies an abbreviation
<address> Specifies an address element
<area> Specifies an area inside an image map
<article> Specifies an article
<aside> Specifies content aside from the page content
<audio> Specifies sound content
<b> Specifies bold text
<base> Specifies a base URL for all the links in a page
<bdi> For bi-directional text formatting
<bdo> Specifies the direction of text display
<blockquote> Specifies a long quotation
<body> Specifies the body element
<br> Inserts a single line break
<button> Specifies a push button
<canvas> Define graphics
<caption> Specifies a table caption
<cite> Specifies a citation
<code> Specifies computer code text
<col> Specifies attributes for table columns 
<colgroup> Specifies groups of table columns
<data> Allows for machine-readable data to be provided
<datalist> Specifies an "autocomplete" dropdown list
<dd> Specifies a definition description
<del> Specifies deleted text
<details> Specifies details of an element
<dfn> Defines a definition term
<dialog> Specifies that part of an application is interactive.
HTML 5.1
<div> Specifies a section in a document
<dl> Specifies a definition list
<dt> Specifies a definition term
<em> Specifies emphasized text 
<embed> Specifies external application or interactive content
<fieldset> Specifies a fieldset
<figcaption> Specifies caption for the figure element.
<figure> Specifies a group of media content, and their caption
<footer> Specifies a footer for a section or page
<form> Specifies a form 
<h1> Specifies a heading level 1
<h2> Specifies a heading level 2
<h3> Specifies a heading level 3
<h4> Specifies a heading level 4
<h5> Specifies a heading level 5
<h6> Specifies a heading level 6
<head> Specifies information about the document
<header> Specifies a group of introductory or navigational aids, including hgroup elements
<hgroup> Specifies a header for a section or page.
NOTE: This element has been dropped from W3C HTML5 spec but it is still included in WHATWG Living Standard.
<hr> Specifies a horizontal rule
<html> Specifies an html document
<i> Specifies italic text
<iframe> Specifies an inline sub window (frame)
<img> Specifies an image
<input> Specifies an input field
<ins> Specifies inserted text
<kbd> Specifies keyboard text
<keygen> Generates a key pair
<label> Specifies a label for a form control
<legend> Specifies a title in a fieldset
<li> Specifies a list item
<link> Specifies a resource reference
<main> Specifies the main content area of an HTML document.
<map> Specifies an image map 
<mark> Specifies marked text
<menu> Specifies a menu list
HTML 5.1
<menuitem> Specifies a command that a user can invoke from a popup menu.
HTML 5.1
<meta> Specifies meta information
<meter> Specifies measurement within a predefined range
<nav> Specifies navigation links
<noscript> Specifies a noscript section
<object> Specifies an embedded object
<ol> Specifies an ordered list
<optgroup> Specifies an option group
<option> Specifies an option in a drop-down list
<output> Specifies some types of output
<p> Specifies a paragraph
<param> Specifies a parameter for an object
<pre> Specifies preformatted text
<progress> Specifies progress of a task of any kind
<q> Specifies a short quotation
<rb> Marks the base text component of a ruby annotation.
<rp> Used for the benefit of browsers that don't support ruby annotations
<rt> Specifies the ruby text component of a ruby annotation.
<rtc> Marks a ruby text container for ruby text components in a ruby annotation.
<ruby> Specifies a ruby annotation (used in East Asian typography)
<s> Indicates text that's no longer accurate or relevant.
<samp> Specifies sample computer code
<script> Specifies a script
<section> Specifies a section
<select> Specifies a selectable list
<small> Specifies small text
<source> Specifies media resources
<span> Specifies a section in a document
<strong> Specifies strong text
<style> Specifies a style definition
<sub> Specifies subscripted text
<summary> Specifies a summary / caption for the <details> element
<sup> Specifies superscripted text
<table> Specifies a table
<tbody> Specifies a table body
<td> Specifies a table cell
<template> Declares HTML fragments that can be cloned and inserted in the document by script.
<textarea> Specifies a text area
<tfoot> Specifies a table footer
<th> Specifies a table header
<thead> Specifies a table header
<time> Specifies a date/time
<title> Specifies the document title
<tr> Specifies a table row
<track> Specifies a text track for media such as video and audio
<u> Specifies text with a non-textual annotation.
<ul> Specifies an unordered list
<var> Specifies a variable
<video> Specifies a video
<wbr> Specifies a line break opportunity for very long words and strings of text with no spaces.