Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why do customers want service support via social media?

Customer Services

This section talks specifically about using to handle customer service issues. In this section, you‟ll find answers to questions like:


Why do customers want service support via social media?

Should my company have a separate account for customer service issues? How can my company monitor and manage reputation with social media? How does my companyhandle bad publicity on social media?

Building relationships with current customers is one of the most important things any company can do, but it‟s also one of the most neglected. Social media offers a solution to providing faster customer service to customers so companies can maintain their relationships and ensure repeat purchases.

Technical and Service Support

Most customers do not like calling a number when they have a problem with your products. In fact, customers expect that they will be put on hold, they will be ushered through a few customer service reps who will tell them their problem can‟t be solved to their liking, and then they will finally have to get angry and force the customer service reps to speak to someone who allows them to put in a special ticket that will take 7-10 days to be approved.

What a disaster for most companies.For a company that uses social media though, this could be a great opportunity to show your customers that customer service doesn‟t have to be this painful.

The truth is that most customers aren‟t angry about their original problem as long as it gets fixed quickly. In the end, customers are dissatisfied at the annoyance, wasted time, and extra hassle it takes to get their problem through customer services. Companies that allow customers to contact them via social media will be able to maintain relationships with their customers and have a high chance of that customer purchasing again.

One of the questions companies have about using social media for customer service is: Should we have a separate account for customer service on Twitter? This is up to the company and will probably be influenced by the company‟s size and the volume of support requests.

The downsides are that people do not know how many accounts you have and will likely send support requests to whichever account they find first. Also, your company will be splitting its following between two or more accounts, which makes it difficult to grow each of the accounts to its full potential.

The benefit of using two accounts is you don‟t have to bore your followers with support answers. Some companies get around this by answering only the more unusual support requests publicly from their main account, and answering the general support requests via a direct message or via email.

Reputation Management

Customer service is just part of the bigger issue of reputation management. Two components of reputation management are monitoring your company‟s reputation so

you can proactively respond to situations, and also so you can deal with any bad publicity your company or products may receive.