Thursday, 15 December 2016

Basic HTML and XHTML Tags

Basic HTML and XHTML Tags                          

By Vasudev ©     May be used for non-commercial purposes with credit.

Note:   About compatibility of HTML and XHTML and HTML5 (in the works)

1.    Absolutely Essential
Html, head, body, title, h1-6, and comments tags and !DOCTYPE declaration

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2.    Lining Up Text
Paragraph, break line, center and div tags,
Align attribute for paragraphs, headlines, divs, and horizontal lines
Blockquote, and Preformatted tags
Horizontal Rule tags with width, size and noshade attributes

3.    Colors and Fonts
Bold, italics, underline, superscript and subscript tags
Font tag with width, face, size and align attributes
Color specification – for fonts and backgrounds
Don’t blink

4.    Lists
Unordered list (plain and bulleted) and ordered list and list item tags

5.    Links
Anchor, hypertext reference tags, name attribute
Relative and absolute addressing

6.    Tables
Table, table row, table header, table data item tags, with Align and
            vertical align attributes
Width and border attributes for tables

7.    Inserting Graphics
Img tag with src and align attribute